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    I figured it would be helpful to add some information to help those who would make a request for a comic. I'm only asking for a few things here to more accurately and quickly get your request.

    Be as specific as possible.
    Is it a siterip and if is, what time frame are you asking?
    Are you requesting a collection? Then please give us as much info about the collection you want and be as precise as you can.
    Do you want a single issue? Then ask away and give us all the info you know!​
    Do you have any links to Patreon, Tumblr, 8muses, etc??
    Please post those links so we'll be able to quickly track down a possible download.
    Or did you find a download but it's too big or too slow?? Please post that and we'll help you get the fast download or we can get it for you!​

    A sample picture would help, too! We're fellow pervs! :D

    Format Description
    Name - Name of the comic, collection, etc
    Dev/Pub - Name of the artist or person who made it, it could be a company name or site.
    Censorship - Is it uncensored, mosaics, etc
    Language - Self explanatory
    Site Rip - Is it a full rip from a site or not
    Collection - Specific which comics you want in the collection or release that is the collection, etc
    Additional Info - Links to patreon, tumblr, 8muses, etc. This can be also used for links to downloads from premium file hosts (K2S, Fileboom, etc)
    Screenshots/Images - Just preview of what it looks like, etc

    Format for requesting
    Site Rip: Yes/No
    Collection: Yes/No
    Additional Info:
    If you are looking to post a comic, please refer to this thread:
    Comic Releases Template and Posting Info

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