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Mass effect andromeda: The next big fuck up

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If you couldn't tell, games were kinda going down hill near the end of 2016, a lot of games released were either poorly produced, or tumblr eye candy. Not to mention, the steam green-lighting system is as broken as a windows vista, and most games released on steam are games made in 2 weeks.

The well respected story and game, mass effect has taken the toll of becoming poorly produced, tumblr eye candy. I'm pretty sure you've already seen the videos about how terrible it looks, but here's a video if you know nothing about it.

[ Look at the detailed asses ]

They put more effort into animating sex scenes than the actually facial animations, either way, this isn't good what so ever, hell, five nights at freddie's, and that was made by one guy, somethings wrong there.

I haven't played this game yet, but from what I have heard, it's basically a tumblr fan-fiction put into video game form, it reminds me of that one transgender video game "developer" that made her main protagonist a trans-[PRONOUN]

Anyways, how do you feel about this game, do you think it's going to get any better, or it's going to stay the piece of shit that is it now?


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