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Rules and stuff

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Here are the rules

As much as I don't really care for rules, the site need some or else this site will go to shit. I don't really care what you post, as long as it doesn't get me into any legal troubles, and it's in the right forum, go nuts, but here are some things I think should be some rules.

Don't steal bandwidth

Don't just go on google images and take a url without looking where it's coming from, just like this website, they need bandwidth to keep there websites to others. Please, use a image uploading site(imgur, tinypick, ETC), or your website to upload images. If the website gets popular as the days go by, I might offer some form of subscription for more options for your accounts.

Treat everyone evenly, unless...

That person is an absolute asshole, some dumb ass thinking he/she is better than everyone, or someone known to have done something bad(illegal, ETC). Say some pedophile post here and everyone is aware that he/she is one, that a time where you can be an hero and tell that person off, they deserve it.

Have some common sense, this isn't your safe space

Again, just don't be a dumb ass, and talk like a normal human bean. Using common sense should already be a while known thing, but some assholes don't know that talking in the FORCE AND ANNOYING MLG LANGUAGE isn't funny. Don't treat this place as somewhere you can come to so you can act in anyway you want, other won't like what you post/do, some will, so don't just go around posting thinking that your the shit here, your not.

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